Christian Book Review - Verified: Growing Into Your God-Given Identity by Marcus Lee

Christian Book Review - Verified: Growing Into Your God-Given Identity by Marcus Lee

  • Relevant & relatable 
  • The content is profound biblical truths, yet the writing style is plain and contemporary. 
  • In this book, young people interested in discovering who they are from their Creator will find answers to their questions.

Excerpt - “No one can be you except you. Make sure you are being you, and not showing off a #SnakeLife. I spent years trying to be like Usher. 🕺 All that time I could have been working on being a better me. I missed out, and now I’m telling you so you don’t have to make that mistake. If you’re wearing fake skin, peel it off and find out who you are underneath it.” 


Author | Motivational Speaker | Generational Trendsetter | Apostle | Founder & Lead Pastor, Peace & Abundance Church

Marcus Lee is the founder and lead pastor of Peace and Abundance Church, a vibrant, diverse congregation. He also serves as the Youth Director with the Vision of the Elohim under the leadership of B.R. Jackson, and he is a member of the Real-Life Church under the leadership of Robert Johnson. Marcus is a motivational speaker and mentor for teens and speaks to local and national audiences. Marcus is an actor and a play-writer. Marcus is an upcoming artist.

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Link: https://www.amazon.com/VERIFIED-GROWING-INTO-GIVEN-IDENTITY/dp/0578766833

It's harder than ever being a teenager today. There are hundreds of voices trying to tell you who you are and what you are made of, but how many voices are affirming your true, God-given identity?  You acquire so many labels from home, school, and especially social media. The temptation to buy into brands and use those images as an identity is real. 

 The fact remains: we all have only one, God-given Identity, and it is our personal responsibility to nurture it into a positive Identity in Jesus Christ.

In this book, Marcus Lee shares his journey through multiple identity crises. With stories of humour and heartbreak, he makes discovering your God-given identity fun and engaging all the way to the very end. In this book, Marcus shares:

  • A story about a cockroach that ruined his street cred
  • His low-key obsession with the R&B lifestyle in high school
  • Why this thing called Da Comparison Game #ISSATRAP
  • The time a friend crushed his negativity to save his identity
  • God's Nonstop, Commercial-Free #PositiveID Podcast
  • The secret to being H.O.T.
  • And so much more…


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